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Belarus Russian carrier shelter fleeing the collection of utilization


According to experts, with effect from 1 September in Russia collection of utilization, which in some ways acts as a new duty on imported foreign cars, can lead to the fact that many Russian and international carriers will carry your business in Belarus.

Already, many Belarusian businessmen, who in the early 2000's to register their motor company in Russia, plans to return to your home business. Moreover, the Belarusian authorities encourage this process: national carriers provides a variety of benefits.

Belarusian participants wound freight believe their Russian counterparts are largely affected by the introduction of utilization fee. After all, most of them have purchased vehicles abroad, and as a new (often in the lease), and second-hand. In this case, the rate of utilization fee on imported commercial vehicles can sometimes exceed 1.5 million Russian rubles. Cargo carriers operating mainly in the domestic market, may to some extent offset these costs by increasing the rates for their services. However, this scheme does not work for international carriers, because they are simply priced out of the market. Thus, the Russian transport companies will be uncompetitive compared with counterparts from Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

Meanwhile in Belarus itself already expect a wave of "business immigrants" that is, the return of many Belarusian companies that previously preferred to conduct their business in the suburbs.

Also worth noting is another important point. Today the Belarusian government is investing heavily in the construction of transport and logistics and warehousing centers in different parts of the country, which is much easier life carriers.

Program logistics development in Belarus until 2015, provides about 50 sites for the construction of logistics centers. At the moment, ends (or completed) the construction of 41 of the center. 25 of the projects implemented under the state program for budget funds and the remaining 16 are carried out in the framework of additional projects for investment contracts with foreign companies.

It should also be noted that for the transport companies registered in Belarus, provides preferential access to transport and logistics centers.

We present data from the National Statistics Committee. For the first 7 months of 2012 Belarus transports cargo volume increased by 10.6% (to 187 million tons), compared to the same period of 2011. Exports of transport services in January-July 2012 amounted to over $ 1.6 billion, which is 16.6% more than in the same period of 2011.