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For heavy trucks, all roads can be paid


Ministry of Economic Development advises tolls for heavy trucks at the same time at the federal, regional and local roads. This recommendation is registered in the conclusion to the draft decree "On approval of the charge, in respect of the harm caused by public roads federal vehicles having maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes," published on its website. Recall, a draft resolution was prepared by the ministry.

Finally, states that in Russia the length of paved roads is 750,000 kilometers, of which the federal roads - only 50,000 miles. In this regard, it is appropriate to introduce simultaneously charging on the roads at all levels. This will allow hauliers economically feasible to develop business plans for their activities. In addition, this board is for the damage to be much less than now proposed - 3.5 rubles per kilometer. For example, in countries where the time payment, the amount of tolls, reduced to one kilometer, about 1 ruble per kilometer, that is 3 times less than the desired value.

Also need to be clearly defined and the mechanism of delivery and return of vehicles, which will take into account mileage, as well as the course of action in case of breakage or loss. You should also specify the order of the re-registration of devices in the system when a change of ownership of the vehicle.

Ministry of Economic Development said that the advance payments for the compensation of damage can result in the diversion of a significant amount of working capital transportation companies. In order for carriers to plan expenditures times must provide information on the distance traveled. In this case, the costs of the diversion of needed working capital will not have a significant character in comparison to the costs imposed by the size of the payment run.