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With partial loading


Nizhny Novgorod manufacturer of lifting equipment - Automobile "Chaika-Service" - presented his latest work - a heavy tow truck with partial loading and hydro anipulyatorom KAMAZ-65201.

The company is proud of its novelty, as such machines are produced very rarely and each such model is unique in its kind. The basis of the platform is a four novice laid KAMAZ-65201 with the addition to the main hoisting boom polupogruz has yet powerful crane-manipulator Amco Veba 936 2s. Carrying capacity of the latter on Maximum Reach at 7.8 m is 3980 kg, and a minimum 4.18 m - 7450 kg. New tow specializes in the transportation of buses and heavy gruzovikovi trailers. Main boom machine, made of high-quality European steel to reduce weight and increase the durability of the add, the company has experienced in the bus depot with a model bus LIAZ-5256. The arrow on the minimum radius 1.54 m has a load capacity of 7400 kg, and the maximum of 3.4 m, respectively - 5200 kg. In addition to the machine is equipped with a pair of professional hydraulic winches 20 and 11 tons. To, for example, you can draw on the road with the flying car tracks or tips. For the stability of the machine when working with hydraulic winches used rear supports, adjustable independently to secure the machine on uneven surfaces.