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In September, decreased production of KamAZ, compared to last year


In September, the production index fell KamAZ, compared to the previous year by 6.8%. Went off the assembly line 4.1 thousand trucks.

Russia will rise in the fall of gasoline


Autumn Russia will rise in price of petrol. It is expected that the price of a liter podskochet 2-2.5 rubles. The reason for increased cost of fuel due to seasonal and traditional: people come back from summer vacation, again sit behind the wheel of their iron horses, and the increased demand triggers and increase cost. Experts note that petrol prices also fueled the growing cost of oil.

Payments CTP offer to increase to 2 million rubles


Payments CTP is proposed to increase to 2 million rubles - this initiative was made by the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. Recall now that in case of accident victims insurers pay a maximum of 160 thousand rubles.

From tomorrow, foreign cars will become cheaper


This week, on August 22, Russia became a full member of the World Trade Organization. However, the main provisions of the automobile public signed the Protocol shall enter into force tomorrow. Among them - the reduction of customs duties on the import of cars and the entry into force of the Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union.

Petersburg building parking for trucks


St. Petersburg authorities intend to build five parking areas for trucks. To do this, the city has picked up and formed five plots. In particular, section 1 is located on Volkhonskoye highway, south-west of House 123, Bldg. W, A letter on this site have made the development of construction documents. The parking area can accommodate more than 300 units of heavy trucks. According to the plans the construction of parking should be completed before the end of 2012.

Logistics went to the regions


Later this month in Moscow to begin construction of a large logistics center of class "A". Newly named "Nikolsky" is located 35 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and seven miles from the Dmitrov highway.

Crisis prevents the truck manufacturing


Manufacturers of trucks Man Trucks & Bus, Scania, Daimler suffering losses due to the crisis. Despite the fact that the massive advertising campaign allowed Man Trucks & Bus to attract attention, the financial results of the company deteriorated. For the first half 2012 net profit fell by 95% compared to the same period last year (40 million euros against 854 million euros last year).

Engineering Center, Center auto industry


On the "KAMAZ" draft sectoral Engineering Centre "Structural modeling and technology the automotive industry", which will be located in Kazan

"Diamond" aluminum wheels BPW


The company has developed a BPW "eco-wheels", known as «Brilliant». This wheel is capable of withstanding loads of up to 5 tons.

Manufacturers of vehicles may be exempt from collection for recycling


Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia invites exempt from the collection of utilization of manufacturers of trucks.

Cancel pass inspection


Now, instead of the drivers have to obtain passes inspection of the vehicle diagnostic card which will give operators accredited inspection.