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From tomorrow, foreign cars will become cheaper


This week, on August 22, Russia became a full member of the World Trade Organization. However, the main provisions of the automobile public signed the Protocol shall enter into force tomorrow. Among them - the reduction of customs duties on the import of cars and the entry into force of the Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union.

Already on Thursday customs duties on import of vehicles will slowly but surely decline. Russia August 23, in the signed protocol, plans to reduce the so-called "crisis" tax on imported goods, which were introduced in 2009. In particular, the "discount" will get the Russians, the import of foreign cars into the country.

However, it is more about long-term plans - "customs clearance" has decreased from 30% to 25%. Further duties waiting gradual decline - after seven years of decrease to 15%. In addition, as of tomorrow will come into effect yet and new rates of the Customs Union, which will regulate the entry of vehicles into the territory of the vehicle to the new conditions.

In July 2011, rates for the import of cars into the territory of the Customs Union increased 5-10 times and razed them to the Russian tariffs. Thus, the rates for Belarusian citizens have risen significantly for some cars fare amount ranged from 48% to 54% of the customs value of purchase. Now, however, is expected to import duties on cars in Belarus and Kazakhstan, "crawl" down with the Russian.

However, expect a serious drop in prices for cars are not worth it. Already on August 1, the decree came into force Putin to introduce the collection of utilization, which fully compensates for the reduction of customs rates.